Food has a way of bringing  together family, friends and community...

I've been drawn to the kitchen since I was a little girl, cooking beside my dad for our family of 9.  My dad was a wonderful and creative cook, and my mom was always baking something for her brood of 7 kids.  

Food has a way of bringing together family, friends and community.  As we gather to share a meal or enjoy a sweet treat over coffee or tea, memories are made that last a lifetime.

When I create the delicious treats in Mimi's Gluten-Free Bakery, I share my love and passion for great food with each mouth-watering bite.  

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease several years ago.  My 4 grown children have this disease, as well as several of my grandkids.  Determined to be able to provide yummy treats that were also gluten-free, I began to experiment with various recipes, pouring over cookbooks and blogs that cater to the gluten-free lifestyle.  Baking for my family and friends is a joy!  After repeated urging from my loved ones, I launched Mimi's Gluten-Free Bakery.  I am a certified, licensed and permitted Cottage Food Operator (CFO) in Brentwood, CA. 

Browse the menu to see the selections.  Delicious, delectable treats await!

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